The Remarkable It


Tossed from a rowboat and swept out to sea during a flash storm, fourteen-year-old Aubrey and his younger sister Autumn are miraculously saved by something luminous under the sea.  Days later, Aubrey learns of the fanciful legend of “The Remarkable it” and he begins to suspect that the “it” and he and somehow mind-connected.

Drawn against the perils of the unexplored undersea, “The Remarkable it,” YA magical realism, (105,000 words) explores the existential notion of an intelligent life-form that’s survived an erstwhile technological and spiritual age—something that some people find preposterous, even blasphemous.

Believing he’s telepathically communicating with the it, Aubrey bags the support of his sister and together they head to a remote seaside cave. Here they come face to face with an intelligent creature that looks something like an angel.  Ko is its name; she’s from the deep sea, and she makes no secret of her desire to know “human things.” In exchange for being taught, she agrees to take Aubrey and Autumn on an adventure to unexplored parts of Earth far beneath the Pacific seabed .

But while the siblings discover magic both real and of the heart, they learn of Ko’s entanglements with a group of human enemies. These people are determined to prevent the world from knowing that Man might is not the most intelligent creature on the planet. And they’ll do whatever it take to destroy the evidence.



A wish from a genie .

“If I grant you one wish what would it be?” asked the genie.

The first participant  replied, “A magic wand.”

“Oh that’s wonderful. Clever. And what would your first magic wand wish be?”

“To make me financially wealthy.”

“Wonderful. And the second?”

“Excellent health. The best health ever.”

“Wonderful, wonderful. Do you you have a third?”

“Ummm. Not really, once I’m rich and healthy, If i need something I’ll just buy it.”

“Yes…I see… let me ask you this: do you really believe in magic wands?”

“Really really, of course not but if I could have one—”

“—then why not wish for something you really could have.” The genie turned to a female participant, rather attractive the genie admitted to himself.  “And your wish?”

“You’re a genie, you can make anything happen, right?”

The genie smiled. “And your wish is?”



“Yes, no… I mean, I want an Academy Award as best actress, which means I’ll be famous anyway.”

“Wonderful…and you’re okay with that even if the next day you’re diagnosed with terminal cancer, and the movie is a flop that the public doesn’t care for anyway?”

“That’s not fair. You’re a genie. Why are you making this so difficult for us?”

“I could alter it for you: you’ll be famous for a few years,  then forgotten, and you’ll die alone and miserable after three decades of solitude.”

The poor girl’s tortured grimace was answer enough.  Another participant raised a hand.  “I want to be super rich and super healthy.”

“That two wishes. I said one.”

“Okay, healthy.”

The genie nodded. “Mental or bodily…never mind, overall great heath. Wonderful; and you’re okay if the rest of your family and all of your good friends die within a year?”

“No! What kind of cockamamie wish is that?”

“I thought it was yours.”

“I get it…no I really do. You want us to say something, like, I wish to live love.”

“I do?” replied the genie, confused. “If I ask five or ten or a hundred of you I’ll get different answers, so how can I grant you a love wish when it could be any of a score of different wishes?”

The genie turned to a smiling face. “And why are you smiling so brightly today?” He asked the youngest participant.  “You think you have the prefect wish request, don’t you?”

“Well,” the young one began, “I’m already trying this, and I think it’s working. I smile.  I mean I smile a lot. That’s it, being happy. If I could have one wish, it’s that I’d always be happy. As you say, I’d like a life sized helping of wonderful.”

“Oh wonderful. Wonderful. Truly wonderful. Happy wish granted.”

Takeaway: When you’re always happy, your life is perfect. What more could you wish for.

The trick: find the gift in the moment, every moment.  ‘Nuff said ….

Deals, lies, and Russian ties.


Donald Trump built his candidacy on the promise of superior leadership, citing his business empire as proof.   His followers are excited to have a businessman with a fantastic track record of winning deals as their leader. “He’ll do for America what he’s done for his business—make it great…again,” they hail.

But let’s discuss that track record. How about his 6 bankruptcies, his failed Trump University, and the thousands of lawsuits against him? Okay, to be fair, some might argue that bankruptcies make you stronger and wiser, and Trump is all the better for them.  But some would say that Donald Trump has a habit of wrecking companies due to lousy not great leadership. What’s the truth? Trump says he’s really, really rich, that he’s a winner. His supporters love that about him. He’s a ruthless winner who’s made billions from nothing. So how rich is Trump? One gauge would be to take a peek at his tax returns.

Trump says he’ll release his tax returns sometimes after the election, claiming he cannot until after the IRS has completed their audit. Note: this is not an IRS rule.

We see Trump’s name on planes, buildings, golf courses. We only have to Google him to know that his net worth is a very respectable 4.5 billion, but is it really?

There’s growing evidence leaning to a far different number, a number that spells mortgaged to the tune of billions, and that the mortgage holders are Russian banks, according to the New York Times.  Given Trump’s statements on NATO, his support for Russian hackers, and his praise of Vladimir Putin, it would be foolish not to consider the reality of a Trump-Putin arrangement—at least to investigate, to demand to see Trump’s tax returns before the election.

There’s little that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth that is honest. He called Ted Cruz lying Ted, Hillary by an equally descriptive moniker. But the fact is—and this is absolute fact—there has never been a politician in American politics with a higher degree of lies and falsehoods in his/ her rhetoric. In a recent Washington Post examination of claims made by Donald Trump during rallies and speeches, 63% of what he claimed was completely false. Compare this to Hillary Clinton’s 14% of complete falsehoods. So is Donald Trump really, really rich? Is Donald Trump on Vladimir Putin’s payroll? Does Trump care for America and the people of America? Is Donald Trump a traitor?

Is the release of DNC e-mails a major step to war?

160427RussianTankVenezuela-1000x665Because of or in spite of the DNC, Hillary wins the nomination—by a healthy enough margins that she likely would have won without poisonous e-mails about Bernie.

The idea of Hillary becoming president is not only bad news for hardcore Bernie supporters, it’s bad news for Russia’s Putin, who has massive expansion on his mind.

So Putin decides to help Trump get an upper-hand in the American election.  Putin knows that when he invades the Ukraine, a President Trump would do nothing.

Putin gets his tech thugs to steal DNC e-mails, and Wikileaks, acting as Putin’s pawn, releases those stolen e-mails right before the DNC convention.

The question that now lingers on everyone’s mind is will the wound heal or will it fester?  Healing would indicate a President Hillary Clinton, a real world leader that Putin will not test.  The other road leads to Trump.

Today, I watched an ignorant protestor outside the DNC convention telling a reporter, “Well, I hope the super delegates come to their senses and vote for Bernie, but if they don’t I will vote independent.”  Why is he ignorant? Because he’s clueless to the danger of his vote and his rhetoric.

Growing up, I often heard the phrase,  “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.” This now comes to mind.

If Democrats are divided, if they vote independent or are no-shows, Trump will win the election, Trump an ignoramus, who’s already admitted that he admires Putin.

Vladimir Putin will launch his expansion campaign, Ukraine first, the Baltic States, then northern Europe.

Trump will do nothing until it’s too late.

Hello world war lll.

It’s a prediction. Yes. But it’s also a real concern.



Day 1 of the DNC convention has concluded. While the lectern speakers were entirely supportive of Hillary Clinton, many Bernie Sanders supporters voiced strong anti Hillary sentiment, including suggestion that they would vote the Green Party in November, indifferent to the fact that every Green Party vote is a vote for Donald Trump, a potential  vote for World War lll.




Cleveland RNC Witch-hunt

Bigots, racists, and witch-hunters have gathered at Cleveland’s RNC to conduct a medieval-like witch-hunt. Distortion of fact runs wild and unchecked in the arena. The mob is riled into a hysterical frenzy fueled by hate—all directed at Hillary Clinton. No one talks issues, the stuff that might elevate America and help the world. There’s not one bantered positive word. The leaders of this farce don’t care.  Their agenda is monotone: trash Clinton.  Their opinions, steeped in evangelical  Christianity—NOT worldwide mainstream Christianity, which promotes love, equality, compassion,  tolerance, etc—are a firebrand of venomous rhetoric, daggers of hate to incite the crowd.

This is dangerous. Really dangerous for America! Perhaps, if their nominee was a level-headed man, the antics could be passed off as hot steam, spare of the moment childishness, or silly rhetoric to an inebriated crowd.  But their nominee is not level-headed. He’s a man whose vowed to prosecute judges, called undocumented Mexicans rapists and drug dealers. He’s willing to go after anyone he deems an enemy, which is everyone who doesn’t pander to him. If you give this man an endorsement, he’ll take is as a license. He’s even said it, “I could shoot someone and not lose voters.”  Imagine this man as our president!

Unbelievably,  the media refuses to opine on this subject. Even the liberal media is more focused on Melaniia Trump’s passage lifting, not that I’m condoning plagiarism, but it’s nothing in comparison to the witch-hunt.

God help us.

All Female ticket

I’m amazed that hardly anyone in the media has talked about the potency of an all female presidential ticket.  I keep on hearing about loyalty, the safe pick, the Latino vote, Wall Street’s concerns, et al.  You can mesh those things into a ball and toss it!  Hillary needs just one thing to guarantee victory in November: a whopping energy boost. Let’s face it, Hillary is not the most exciting person on the planet.  With a firecracker like Elizabeth Warren at her side, she’d get a surge of energy and some. The fever pitch of an all-female ticket!

Movie review – “Room”

What do they say, better late than never? In the following case, maybe. I just watched the movie “Room” -2015 – starring Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay, a film that has won numerous awards including an Oscar for Brie Larson. I now see why there are so many average and even negative reviews. But first,  “Room” is an extremely well crafted movie. The subject matter is disturbing and unfolds deliberately, even slowly, as the two lead actors pull you into their bleak world. Larson plays Joy, an abducted woman—taken seven years prior, at seventeen. Now with a five-year old son named Jack, fathered by her abductor who still repeatedly rapes her, Joy and her son are imprisoned in one room, that houses a tub, toilet, stove, an old TV, and rodents on the floor. I’m not going into  elaborate story details here, as there are so many existing reviews that have covered this ad infinitum.  “Room” is structured as most feature films are, in three parts, however they are strangely time-alloted. The first parts deals with Joy and Jack living in squalor, and it’s very detailed. The second part deals with escape; and it provides the only nail-biting tense moments of the entire film.  But the movie then morphs into a drama of trashed lives, focusing heavily on guilt and shame. And oh boy, some of this stuff is really top-heavy. It’s one thing when your father can’t even glance at his grandson because he’s what, un-kosher, fathered by a rapist, a symbol of pain, or whatever, but when the mother/grandmother can’t hold her lip and engages in a vituperative row with her daughter —for God’s sake the poor girl’s only just got home— and then moments later a TV show host (think Diane Sawyer) interviews Joy and asks the most insensitive series of questions: “didn’t you think of giving up Jack when he was born?” the question’s purpose designed to promote Joy’s feelings of guilt, I just about couldn’t take any more. Come on, film makers, get real. The monster rapist would have just flushed the newborn down the lavatory.  These in-your- face contrivances consume the latter part of “Room.”  So on the whole, while there are excellent performances, phenomenal confinement scenes, and the last scene is poignant, what I just watched is a flawed film that was almost a masterpiece.


This is NOT a self published novel. The artwork is for fun…and to help me imagine the future… 

Ko “Ko” is a young adult novel. Sub categories: Contemporary adventure sci-fi fantasy.  

Ko is a girl. Well, to her family she is. She’s three hundred years of age, bioluminescent, winged, has lived on Earth all of her life, and has never met a human being…until now.

Sexist journalism mars Clinton

All the print and Internet headlines read Trump wins, Kasich wins, Clinton wins; all of the broadcast captions read: Trump wins, Kasich wins, Clinton wins—in that order.  Imagine for a minute that it was Bill Clinton instead of Hillary running for president: Clinton wins, Trump wins, Kasich wins.  It proves that sexism is alive and well in journalism. It proves the enormity of Clinton’s victories on Tuesday, a woman not only battling sexist digs from the other candidates—Trump calls her a dog, and has a woof synced to her mouth in a new ad; Sanders shushes her like a naughty child—she’s marginalized in every quadrant because she dares to stand up. Enough of the patriarchal club rules already!  Democrats and Republicans get in the now!  She’s not the same as a man, thank God.



“Earth’s end” Book 1 of “Samdan of Two Worlds”

earths end

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