The Remarkable It


Swept out to sea during a furious storm,  fourteen-year-old Aubrey and  his younger sister are miraculously saved from downing by a luminous undersea thing.  Days later, while researching unexplainable sea rescues, Aubrey learns of the legend of The Remarkable it, and he begins to suspect that the It and he are somehow connected.

Drawn against the perils of the vast unexplored undersea, “The Remarkable it,”  YA magical realism adventure (105,000 words)  explores the existence of  ancient winged beings who’ve survived an erstwhile technological and spiritual age, a notion that some groups believe and some find blasphemous, even dangerous. Yet Aubrey, a special teen, befriends it and calls her Ko. But Aubrey and Ko’s friendship reaches the eyes and ears of a sinister group who are determined to prevent the world from knowing that Man might not be God’s most intelligent creature on the planet.

This is the story of Aubrey and his best friend Ko …



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