The Lost Boys

The Lost BoysIn the middle of the night, fourteen-year-old Jake Robinson and his kid brother Matthew are abducted by extraterrestrial beings.

Regaining consciousness prematurely, Jake realizes he’s on a spaceship.  Managing to free himself, he locates his younger brother amongst dozens of other unconscious abductees, and he hides him.

After a few hours, the spaceship lands and the brothers make their escape.  It’s still dark, and the brothers run for a woodsy area beyond which they see twinkling town lights.

The first buildings they come across are strange, old style timber and brick. The streetlights are open-flamed.  The people on the sidewalks are dressed like the Amish. There are no cars. No one speaks English.

“Where are we?” Asks, nine-year-old Mathew after they’ve queried a number of passerby. That’s when Jake notices the moon drifting out of the clouds—only it’s a red moon thrice as big as he’s ever seen…and he knows it’s not the same moon he saw yesterday.

It’s a long way home for the lost boys.

The Lost Boys – by D.F Marsh – a story of survival of two brothers from Earth existing on another world…  

IMPORTANT NOTE!!! This story by David Marsh is in the development stage.




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